equityXdesign: 228 Accelerator Equity Design Community

We are designing the next generation of schools and organizations that model democracy in practice.

About Us

228 Accelerator offers trainings, community, and more for educators, K-12 explorers, edge finders, and school leaders who wish to become agents of equity using equityXdesign.


Racism and inequality are products of design and can be redesigned with intention. The equityXdesign framework explores how designs for equity must become designs that heal, restore, and repair.  

Designed for education professionals of all levels, 228 Accelerator’s three signature courses implore participants to discover and advance the leading edge of equity-centered schools and organizations.


Your Blueprint for the New Democracy

Make the first step in your educational equity journey by choosing a plan that aligns with your vision. Our offerings range from individual courses to institutional partnerships.
Explore Alone, Transform Within:
Take the helm of your educational revolution with our solo journey courses. Learn at your own pace, on your terms, and ignite a fire of change.

Go Solo and Soar:
Dive deep into self-reflection and personal growth through our solo journey offerings. Unlock the potential to be an equity champion in your unique setting.

Collaborate and Cultivate:
Join your team to create a culture of equity in your organization. Develop collective competencies and strategize for equitable outcomes.

Let's Make History, Together:
Be a foundational part of the multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic democracy we all aspire to create. Your involvement makes it possible.

Be the Architects of a Just Future:
We have the blueprint for a multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic democracy. But it can't be built without you. Engage with us and lay the foundation for a better tomorrow.