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It's time to build that which heals, unites, and enables equity. We are the designers.

Imagine a world where every child in America learns in a place that acknowledges their  identity, prepares them to lead and participate in our economy and democracy, and repairs and restores the relationships that keep us divided. 

Imagine a world where school leaders co-design and co-create bespoke and equitable learning experiences for their school communities.

Imagine an ecosystem where networks of leaders support each other in designing innovative and equitable learning cultures.

We are here to design and create that world. 

I'm a designer? We can design to heal AND equity?

Yes. Yes, you are. Design is an intentional response. When we think about our schools, our education organizations and the citizens they produce, we are designing democracy. 

We all have gifts to share and we all have the innate power to be great. Let's tap into that greatness and design something beautiful! 

Let's Do This!

Thank you for joining! Bring your gifts! Connect with others! Let's design for equity!

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